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Nanaimo Business Connection stands out as a premier, locally-focused networking group for business professionals in Nanaimo. By drawing on lessons from other groups, we have honed our approach to offer a superior networking experience that prioritizes community, efficiency, and security. With NBC, members secure exclusivity in their business category and access to a specially created app that streamlines the referral and testimonial process. This paperless system enhances client privacy and simplifies networking logistics.


Our model minimizes unnecessary expenses because we hold weekly meetings online, allowing members to participate from anywhere—saving time and money. Despite the emphasis on virtual gatherings, we deeply value personal interaction. To this end, we organize special events and provide opportunities for face-to-face meetings at least quarterly, decided by the group. This balanced approach ensures that while we embrace the convenience of digital platforms, we do not lose the invaluable personal connections that are the foundation of effective networking.


Nanaimo Business Connection is dedicated to fostering a supportive, secure, and prosperous environment for local businesses to thrive, emphasizing a blend of modern efficiency and traditional community values. All this for a modest annual investment of $199, giving access to your own amazing potential.

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